Bhairav Kunda Trek

Bhairav Kund is named after the destructive aspect of Lord Shiva (Bhairav) and is one of the sacred pilgrimage sites for Shamans. Both Hindus and Buddhist devotees visit this high altitude (4200m) holy mountain lake (‘kund’) to pay homage and bathe away sins during every Bhadra (August) Full Moon.


Jalbire, the starting point for this trek is a five hour bus ride from Kathmandu towards the Tibetan border. We travel through a mixture of beautiful mountain scenery and the terraced fields and characteristic houses of rural villages from different ethnic groups.


You will spend your first night experiencing the ‘Newari’ culture of Jalbire. Your Guide will give a short talk on trekking, altitude sickness and the highlights of the trek. These include the holy Bhairav Kund, the incredible Himalayan scenery and the life style of nomadic people virtually unchanged by time.


Along the trail you will experience spectacular views of mountains in Tibet and the Jugal Himal section of the Himalayan Range, which includes the peaks of Dorje Lakpa (6966), Madiya (6257M) and Phurbi Ghhyachu (6637m).

This trek can be done all year round except for the monsoon months and can be combined with a rafting tour.




Day 01: Kathmandu [1400m] – Jalbire [1000m] by bus
Day 02: Jalbire to Chanaute [1350m]
Day 03: Chanaute to Khani Gaon [2000m]
Day 04: Rest day with local village sightseeing
Day 05: Khani Gaon to Forest Camp [3150m]
Day 06: Forest Camp to Pati [3765m]
Day 07: Pati to Bhairab Kunda [4250m]
Day 08: Bhairab Kunda to Sherpa Gaon [2500m]
Day 09: Sherpa Gaon to Larche [1500m] and visit Hot spring (Kodari highway)
Day 10: Larche to Kathmandu by bus