Dudhkunda Trekking

Dudhkunda (4,560 m), A holy mountain lake, in the lap of Mt. Numbur is a popular trekking destination of Solu. The trek to Dudhkunda starting from Phaplu can be done either only around the Dudhkunda Lake or combined with cultural experience passing through Khaling Rai settlements and then back to Salleri through dense forests of rhododendron and a variety of wildlife. The trail combined provides one with a close encounter with the unique Khaling Rais of this area. Dudhkunda, which literally means lake of milk, is said to be a sacred lake and is revered by the local people. It is believed that taking a dip in its holy waters will fulfill one’s wishes. During full moon nights in August a weeklong celebration is held here by pilgrims and jhankris (Shaman priests).