Volunteer & Social Work

Voluntary is a charitable work that gives one an immense pleasure and self satisfaction. For those who aspire to devote some of their time to help the neediest people of the world, Nepal can be a good place. Nepal having mainly mountainous region, is the home of such people whose life and place can be significantly better if you take some time to contribute in them.


Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition P. Ltd is not only in our business but also actively involved in social service with an aim to uplift and better the lives of socially deprived, marginalized and backward communities. As our small effort can result in a bigger change in the life of needy people, we are pleased to offer some of our time and effort into this field.


We have various programs through which you can make your contribution to the people of Nepal. we can organize the program in which you can directly get involved as a volunteer and extend your help through any means. Besides, while enjoying your holidays, if you do your trips with us or if you give us an opportunity to offer you our services, certain amount of profit from the trips goes to the charity that has aimed to help the poor and deprived people. Our target group is orphans, disabled, socially deprived, women and children. So, while traveling with us you are not only enjoying your time but also helping poor and needy which makes life more meaningful and gives you a sense of true self satisfaction.


Through our efforts we are trying to make this world a better place to live in. From the programs of generating social awareness on health, education, environment, and social – cultural aspects, our goal includes to the construction and establishment of health centers, drinking water supplier, hydropower, solar energy, schools etc. We wholeheartedly welcome anybody who wishes to render any types of help to make our mission a success. You can combine your holiday trip with voluntary work which gives you redoubled pleasure and satisfaction. Let us organize the trip of your wish and interest. We have many options of such and we are convinced that one of them would definitely suit you.


How you can help:

  • By taking part in various programs as a voluntary teacher, health worker and other as per your interest and specialty if you are on a longer vacation but kindly be advised that you need to be eligible to perform job that you carry out.
  • By financially helping our charity which can help organize various programs, build school, health center, water supply etc
  • By giving us the opportunity to organize your travel from the profit of which a certain amount goes to our charity.
  • By recommending us to the people you meet who wish to volunteer and travel in this part of the world.