Medical & Insurance


To fully enjoy you trek/tour you must have a complete medical check well before you depart. Preventive measures – better than treatment. Do not travel without vaccination: Hepatitis, A/B/C, polio, meningitis, tetanus, typhoid. Treatment of any illness outside of Kathmandu is almost non-existent, a basic first aid kit is essential as porters and villagers often seek basic help and also for your use, don’t forget to have a dental check. Altitude can cause loose fillings to fall out, Kathmandu does have some excellent dental facilities, but outside Kathmandu.



This is your responsibility. The trekking company takes no financial responsibility for any delays, cancellation, medical treatment or evacuation; appropriate insurance coverage must include evacuation by helicopter. If no such coverage, the cost is huge.


Unexpected Situations:

No matter how well treks/tours are organized, the Nepali environment rules supreme. Flights and vehicular travel throughout Nepal are prone to cancellations and delays due to poor weather conditions at only a moment’s notice. When planning you itinerary it is advisable to add extra days. Just in case. Also take with you extra money to cover extra food/accommodation. The trekking company is not responsible for any additional expenses caused by delays.