Tabitha & Matthew – USA






My husband and I used the services of Hiking Himalayas Trek and Expedition in November 2013 and I would recommend them for guiding in the Everest Base Camp region. Our guide was Hari Nepal and our porter was Narayan . Both were very personable. Hari has great English skills and is extremely knowledgeable about the mountains, religions, cultures and was clearly a regular guide on this route — the lodge owners knew him and we would run into other guides & porters along the way who also knew him. We were happy with the tea houses & rooms that Hari arranged for us. He also helped us navigate things like money exchanging. Hari definitely enriched our first experience in Nepal. The trek itself was fantastic and epic.

We started in Jiri, which I’d recommend if you can manage the extra time. It is a challenging hike when you take into account the number of ascent/descents, cold temperatures up high, and altitude, but absolutely worth the effort! Just a couple of things to suggest as you plan your trip.

First, plan some extra money into your budget to cover additional food — our package included a basic Nepali breakfast, lunch, dinner. It was Great. If you just make sure to bring enough rupees on the trek to cover . Also, I highly recommend bringing along all the energy bars/trail snacks you need from home — healthy snacks like Clif bars, GU, Gatorade, and fruit-nut trail mix are not available at all along the trail. All you can buy for snacks is candy bars and potato chips. Second, we opted to upgrade our Kathmandu hotel on the return from EBC , Raj Nepal helped us book a room at the Kathmandu Radisson Hotel (pretty close to Thamel) and it was a really nice treat at the end of our epic journey to see Mount Everest! Last but not least, we upgraded from the public bus from Kathmandu to Jiri to a private car and, based on conversations with others who took the bus, I think we made the right decision!


             Jiri – Everest Base Camp Trekking – November  2013

Kumar shankar Gupta and Family-India

Myself, my wife and our daughter undertook a trekking to the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) in Nepal during 7-16 October, 2013. We have been preparing for this trip for quite sometime, having visited the Ghorepani Pun Hill and Mohare for the last two years as a warm up. The trip to the ABC has been the most memorable and fascinating treks that we have undertaken so far. It was not an easy decision to go there with our daughter, who is just about 9.5 years old. The trek can be classified as moderate in terms of difficulty level but is extremely rewarding. We followed the route passing through Nayapul, Jhinu, Chomrong, Bamboo, Deurali, MBC and ABC and followed the same route back. It took us 6 days to go up and 4 days to return. We could have reduced the time by one day during the ascent but decided to spend a night in MBC in order to avoid any altitude related issues.

The Annapurna Base Camp provides an awesome display of sheer raw power of Nature. There, one is at an alpine territory, surrounded by majestic high peaks, while sitting almost at the edge of glaciers dotted by deadly crevices. The silence of the base camp is disturbed sometimes by the crackling sound coming from the movement of the glaciers and once in a while from the sound of a distant avalanche rolling down the faces of the Annapurnas. The whole scenario invokes a feeling of awe and trepidation, which is reinforced by the memorials of the missing climbers dotting the place. There is no soothing feeling associated with the ABC. On the other hand, a part of the trek, especially between Jhinu Danda and Chomrong, provides a beautiful vista of lush green vegetation, milky white snow peaks and weather permitting, crystal clear blue skies. We were very lucky to have witnessed this beautiful combination with only a handful of small white clouds floating around, as a gentle reminder of how very fortunate we are.

We used the services of the the Hiking Himalayas Treks and Expidition (http://www.hikinghimalayas.com/), whose owner Raj Nepal was our guide. In our previous two treks also we used his services and we are again totally satisfied with Raj (info@hikinghimalayas.com). I would very much recommend this trek to anyone with moderate level of fitness and I would be happy to provide further information about it.

                      Annapurna Base Camp Trekking – October  2013

Valery and Larisa – Israel


Me and my mother have decided to go to Nepal and were looking for experienced guide with good references. A friend has recommended Raj Nepal and his company. After some email conversations and comparing the offer with other companies and guides we decided to go with a friend’s recommendation and choose Raj Nepal. Our guide during the Annapurna trek and sightseeing in Pokhara and Kathmandu was his brother, Hari Nepal .


Hari was the perfect guide! He had all the knowledge about everything around us and was able to provide all the information our heart desired. During the trek we saw other guides asking Hari for inputs and information on how to proceed with their customers, so we knew that we had the best guide.


Hari together with Raj were flexible to adapt to some changes we wanted to make during the trek and allowed us to free some time and go to Chitwan safari and see more things that we wanted. Safety was always the top priority during the trek (Altitude sickness, fatigue etc.) Hari was always with us and reassuring while monitoring our status, everything went well! Thank you for the great time in Nepal, hospitality security and friendliness and for always smiling!


Annapurna Circuit Trekking – 2013 September

Janos & Attila – USA


Hi there!

Just wanted to share a few words about our experience during our trek to the EBC in March 2013. My 14 year old son joined me, and needless to say, we had a fantastic time! He even wrote a blog peppered with dozens of pictures, he took over 2,000 photos and short videos during our 16 days in Nepal and one day in Dubai…

After the initial excitement of deciding to go to Nepal, we had the challenge of finding a reliable tour guide and a good porter. As I had back problems since a kid, carrying a full load was out of question for me (so we only hiked with a larger day pack, each). Also, traveling with a 14 year old made the preparations all the more critical, although he was/is/will be in a better shape than me…. After carefully reviewing the gazillion advertisements, recommendations, web sites, tour books, and contacting their former clients, we selected Raj Nepal’s team (http://hikinghimalayas.com/) to handle our trip once we land in Kathmandu.

It could not have been better organized! Our Guide Om knew the trek inside out; he was very thorough and made sure we are always safe and taken care of. Our porter  was very helpful indeed, carried our additional packs without a glitch. We also made sure we properly train for this trip, and even spent close to three weeks in an altitude tent in preparation of 18,000 plus feet. I know, I know, most people do not need all this, but I always like to get ready, at least for the obvious. Then just enjoy the ride and the many surprises!

Indeed, we enjoyed our stay in Nepal; I recommend it – what a great bonding time it was for the two of us!! Thanks for reading this post.


     Everest Base Camp Trekking-2013 April

David,Ushakov & Richard – USA

“I recently returned from a successful EBC Trek in Nepal. I was one of a group of three that booked our trip through Hiking Himalayas Treks and Expeditions. Before I get into a few details of the trip, I want to say that I attribute the success of the trek and my overall happiness to the Hiking Himalayas team. My next trip to Nepal will absolutely involve them.

Starting with our arrival in Kathmandu, Raj Nepal made us feel at home and made us feel comfortable by effectively managing his team and all of the logistics. At no point through our entire trip in Nepal did we have to worry about drivers, flights, or hotels. We also had to change our flight from Lukla to Kathmandu, but Raj took care of this without issue.


Both Raj Nepal and his brother Hari Nepal (who was our guide during the Everest Base Camp trek) have been working in the trekking/climbing/tourism industry for around 15 years…and it was definitely apparent during our trek. The personal relationships and experience that they have developed during that time make them invaluable resources to anyone wanting to have a successful trek. During our trek, we stayed in lodges owned by families that they have known for a long time and those personal relationships made us feel very welcome and relaxed. Also, the knowledge of the area (Hari Nepal is a walking Himalayan Encyclopedia) and the attention to our health made this trek as much of a learning experience as it was a life experience.


The attention to our health became very important to us because we saw a few teams having to delay their trip due to altitude sickness. For example: in Tengboche, a trekker from another group was suffering from a bad case of altitude sickness. His guide came to Hari for advice, and ultimately a team of 6 including Hari and Tek (one of our porters) guided this man to a lower elevation. As a client, it was extremely reassuring that not only our guide and porters reacted quickly in that situation, but they were the people that other guides came to for advice and help.


If you are considering trekking in the Himalayas, I definitely recommend contacting the Hiking Himalayas team. The value of the services they provide is top notch, and you’ll be gaining some great friends.”

Everest Base Camp Trekking – March 2013

Inna & Ste Hawkins – England

Hi all, once we decided to go  trekking in Nepal we were overwhelmed by the offers to guide us on our adventure. After some research, we were recommended to contact Raj Nepal by someone who has done this previously. From the very start we found Raj Nepal very responsive and quick to get back to all our questions and concerns about the trek and quick and helpful in changing the itinerary when our plans changed. On arriving in Kathmandu, we learnt that Raj Nepal now has a small team of people and we set off on our trek with a guide and porter under Raj’s employment. Both were young, but experienced and very helpful. The trek was more difficult than we have ever imagined, but we have completed it with the help of our guide and porter and highly doubt we could have done it without them. They were knowledgeable about the local people, flora, fauna and the landscape, which was educational and put our travel in context. They helped us to communicate with the local people, they taught us Nepalese and we have spent few pleasant evenings along the trek getting to know Nepal or simply playing cards. However, Raj Nepal has been with us all along the way via internet and telephone, checking up on us and his employees, ensuring that we were in good health (altitude sickness is a real issue in the Everest region!) and has kindly invited us for a lovely home cooked meal in his home to wind down and relax after the trek.

We don’t hesitate to recommend Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition as a best Trekking Company in Nepal.

For contact us:
1. inalex2004@hotmail.com   2.  ste.hawkins85@gmail.com


Jiri-Everest Base Camp Trekking – March 2013 

Bob & Dave – England

This is the second trek we have undertaken with Hiking Himalayas.  In 2010 we trekked to Annapurna base camp, this time we trekked to Everest Base Camp.  We chose to start the trek at Jiri rather than fly direct to Lukla and then fly back to Kathmandu.  Hiking Himalayas Treks  organized all the details of the trip efficiently, from bus and plane tickets to Tims cards.  The trek took 19 days and during all of that time our two porters Depish and Anil and our guide Hari Nepal looked after all our needs.  Hari Nepal is a very knowledgeable guide.  He can accurately assess your ability and therefore how long it will take to get from one place to another.  He knows the country well, not just the trails but also about local people local customs and Nepali culture. He is an excellent companion and one of the happiest people we have ever met. Our two porters were attentive to our needs. We chose an all inclusive package which included airport pick up and departure, accommodation and food as well as the costs of the guide and porters.  We considered the price to be good value and it included little extras like tea and biscuits on arrival at the lodge each evening and fresh fruit with the meal, a nice touch.

Hiking to Everest base camp is demanding and having a guide and porters that you can trust and depend we think is essential.  We would not hesitate to use Hiking Himalayas again and commend them to you.

Bob Crossland and Dave Clarkson


Everest Classic Trekking – 2013 February

Brittany Orlandini -USA


Hi all,


Raj Nepal and his supporting staff were wonderful! He is very knowledgeable about trekking and speaks English very well. I only had a short holiday but he helped me make the best of my time there. The itinerary was excellent and I highly recommend the Annapurna trek for anyone who has never been to Nepal. Raj was very flexible, meeting all of my requests. He was also extremely timely and never running late for pick-ups or drop offs.


Raj Nepal gave me a taste of the local culture in all the mountain towns and knew all of the best spots with the most incredible views to eat, drink some tea or rest for the night. Further more, I was very impressed with how much care he showed for the families living in those mountain towns, understanding how much even a little business helps them and wanting to help make their lives better. Thanks again for a great time Raj! I won’t forget it.



Email: brit.orlandini@gmail.com


Brittany Orlandini  (Ghorepani-Poon Hill-  Trekking ,Dec-2012)


Florian.C – France


Hello, For my first trek in Nepal alone  i choosed Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition company between the incredible number of  you kind find !!! Why? I don’t know, just because the director Raj Nepal was very nice and answered to every question i asked him. I decided to do the Three passes Everest Base Camp Trek because im young and sportive ! I was not disappointing it was absolutely amazing… You can see every hightest mountain very close !


My guide Dawa Lama was perfect , patient, listened all my requested and also a great photographer^^ He did the trek many times  and he knew the mountains like his pocket… We spent very nice time in the lodge playing cards together, nepalee games! He is like a friend now … My porter called Man was also very nice,  never tired and always attached! I changed the itinerary during the trek and it was always alright ! I think im gonna come back to nepal soon because i like the nature, mountain and it’s the best country  to enjoy! For sure i will choose again Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition for his serious and professionalism.


If  i can give you and advice be careful with the company will you choose, there are many but very different service… Sometimes 50 euros is nothink but that can change you Holiday! I saw guide and porter  without equipment sicks and  carrying too much kilos! Have a social conscience and i wish you the best ever trek in you life… You must do it !

Florian.C  –  France         


Florian.C    –  Three Passes Trekking -End of November 2012

Pierre Guerard and his Sisters -Canada

This is Our  First time trekking in Nepal. We did a wonderful 20 days family trip in the region of Everest (EBC-Kalapather ,Cho La pass, Gikyo Ri, Ranjo pass) . Absolutely tremendous company, very professional guides, great porters, very good knowledge of Everest region, warm and welcoming staff. At our arrival in Nepal, Raj Nepal is the owner of Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition welcomed us with the great hospitality of the Nepalese people which made us feel right at home.


Hari Nepal, our guide was so present and devoted, always happy, patient, and very knowledgeable. Nawaraj, Tek , Prem and Migma , our porters were always ready to pick up our bags and carry them. Strong and fast, they were never tired and kept us going with their cheers even in tougher times.. For the best trekking trip ever,


I strongly recommend this company , You will come back at home with the best memories et a total satisfaction………..Pierre G. (Canada)


Pierre Guerard,Nathalie Guerard- Canada ( Everest Three Passes Trek Nov 2012)