Rara & Jumla Trekking

Rara is a good destination point for trekking in the west. In the western part of the country, this area is protected by the Rara National Park. At 106 sq km, it is the smallest national park of Nepal. There is another famous Rara Lake at an elevation of 3062m is located in the Rara National Park of western Nepal.


Designated as a National Park in 1975, the area is unspoiled in beauty due to its remoteness. Glimpses of cultures and scenery offered in this trek are quite different from those in the rest of Nepal. Rara, a high altitude lake with brilliantly clear water, ringed with pine spruce and juniper forests and snow capped mountains peaks is magnificent. This trek is rather strenuous and is rather expensive due to scarcity of labour and food, nevertheless is ideal for those seeking solace in the solitude of the wilderness. Trekkers can be Reach to Jumla from Nepalgunja to direct flights. At an altitude of 2370m. Jumla. This town is the starting point for route heading east into Dolpa., North Humla & West into Bajura.

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