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David,Ushakov & Richard

David,Ushakov & Richard

“I recently returned from a successful EBC Trek in Nepal. I was one of a group of three that booked our trip through Hiking Himalayas Treks and Expeditions. Before I get into a few details of the trip, I want to say that I attribute the success of the trek and my overall happiness to the Hiking Himalayas team. My next trip to Nepal will absolutely involve them.

Starting with our arrival in Kathmandu, Raj Nepal made us feel at home and made us feel comfortable by effectively managing his team and all of the logistics. At no point through our entire trip in Nepal did we have to worry about drivers, flights, or hotels. We also had to change our flight from Lukla to Kathmandu, but Raj took care of this without issue.

Both Raj Nepal and his brother Hari Nepal (who was our guide during the Everest Base Camp trek) have been working in the trekking/climbing/tourism industry for around 15 years…and it was definitely apparent during our trek. The personal relationships and experience that they have developed during that time make them invaluable resources to anyone wanting to have a successful trek. During our trek, we stayed in lodges owned by families that they have known for a long time and those personal relationships made us feel very welcome and relaxed. Also, the knowledge of the area (Hari Nepal is a walking Himalayan Encyclopedia) and the attention to our health made this trek as much of a learning experience as it was a life experience.

The attention to our health became very important to us because we saw a few teams having to delay their trip due to altitude sickness. For example: in Tengboche, a trekker from another group was suffering from a bad case of altitude sickness. His guide came to Hari for advice, and ultimately a team of 6 including Hari and Tek (one of our porters) guided this man to a lower elevation. As a client, it was extremely reassuring that not only our guide and porters reacted quickly in that situation, but they were the people that other guides came to for advice and help.

If you are considering trekking in the Himalayas, I definitely recommend contacting the Hiking Himalayas team. The value of the services they provide is top notch, and you’ll be gaining some great friends.”