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Social Responsibility Policy

At Himalayas Treks and Expedition, we are committed to practicing social responsibility in all aspects of our operations. We recognize the importance of sustainable tourism and aim to minimize our impact on the environment while positively contributing to the local communities and cultures of the Himalayan region. Our social responsibility policy encompasses the following key areas:

1. Responsible Tour Operator

We recognize that we have a responsibility to ensure the long-term sustainability of our operations. Our aim in formalizing a policy on responsible tourism is to continually improve the way in which we run our business to the benefit of all involved (the business, our clients, and our destinations). Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition P.Ltd -wide Responsible Tourism Policies are:

2. Economic Responsibility

Ensure local crews are treated well and fairly. We operate as per the International Porter Protection Group guidelines (e.g. appropriate clothing, shelter, medical etc). In addition we provide life insurance and emergency helicopter evacuation, and fair wages (e.g. Rs 400 to 450 per day per porter).

Support grassroots, locally-run, community development and conservation organizations. In particular we support Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Programme efforts of poverty alleviation through sustainable tourism which is pro-poor, pro-environment, pro-rural communities and pro-women, making the benefits of tourism reach grass-roots level.

Where possible we purchase equipment locally. Obviously all fresh produce and food is bought in local markets and small shops. Camping equipment such as dining tents, kitchen tents, porter backpacks, duffle bags, porter jackets, biodegradable soap are made locally.

3. Enviornment Resposibility

Hiking Himalayas Trek & Expedition P.Ltd has a zero litter tolerance. On our treks all rubbish and waste material is carried out and disposed of in suitable facilities in the main towns and cities. Reduce and re-use (and recycle whenever possible).

Group sizes are kept below 12. We are aware that wherever we go we are having an impact on the environment. We endeavor to minimize this impact and, where possible, engage in projects and activities that not only make the environment sustainable but contribute to improving it.
We encourage and promote eco friendly local lodges. Such as the lodges/hotels that uses more sustainable resources (e.g. solar panel, biogas, recycle facility etc).

Our guides receive special training in low-impact travel and are selected based on their knowledge, commitment to and awareness of sustainable travel. Every year these standards are re-examined.
Travelers are encouraged to bring water purification tablets or water filters on the trek as this reduces the use of plastic bottles and also reduces the weight carried.

4. Social Responsibility

Hiking Himalayas Treks and Expedition P. Ltd is actively involved in social welfare, working with NGO’s (non government organizations) and INGO’s (international NGO). We work in the health and education sector to uplift and improve social disadvantages in marginalized and poor communities. Through the initiative of Mr. Vishma Raj Nepal – Director of Hiking Himalayas Treks and Expedition, a school has been built in jhor, Kathmandu. Which currently provides free and qualified education for about 60 poor and marginalized community children. Every year the school will take 10 new children. Search as:-

Hiking Himalayas Treks & expedition contributes to and supports conservation-oriented programs and organizations working to preserve the environment and help trekkers. Such as Kathmandu Environment Protection Programmed (KEEP), and Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA). We are life member of these organizations.

5. Environmental Conservation:

We strive to protect and preserve the pristine natural environment of the Himalayas. We follow the principles of Leave No Trace, ensuring that we leave minimal impact on the trails and campsites we visit. We promote responsible waste management, including proper disposal of garbage and recycling wherever possible. Our team educates clients and staff about the importance of environmental conservation, encouraging responsible behavior during treks. We also collaborate with local organizations and initiatives focused on environmental sustainability.

6. Supporting Local Communities:

We are committed to supporting and empowering the local communities in the Himalayan region. We prioritize the hiring of local guides and staff, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the local economy. We collaborate with local suppliers and service providers, including accommodations, transport, and food, to promote community-based tourism. By engaging in fair and ethical business practices, we aim to create a positive impact on the livelihoods and well-being of the local communities.

7. Cultural Preservation and Respect:

We respect and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Himalayan region. We encourage our clients to engage in meaningful cultural exchanges with the local communities they encounter during the treks. We promote respectful interactions, fostering understanding and appreciation for local traditions, customs, and ways of life. Our team ensures that clients are well-informed about cultural sensitivities, encouraging responsible behavior that preserves and respects the cultural integrity of the communities we visit.

8. Education and Awareness:

We believe in the power of education and awareness to drive positive change. We provide information and resources to our clients and staff, promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices. We emphasize the importance of environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and responsible behavior during treks. By fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the Himalayan region, we aim to inspire a sense of stewardship and encourage a more sustainable approach to travel.

9. Giving Back and Community Engagement:

We actively seek opportunities to give back to the local communities that host our treks. We collaborate with local organizations and initiatives to support community development projects, education programs, and environmental conservation efforts. Through charitable contributions and volunteering, we strive to make a positive and meaningful impact in the lives of the people who call the Himalayan region their home.

By implementing and adhering to our social responsibility policy, we aim to ensure that our operations align with sustainable and ethical practices. We recognize our role as responsible stewards of the Himalayan environment and actively work towards the long-term preservation of its natural and cultural treasures. We believe that responsible tourism can contribute to the well-being of both the environment and the local communities, and we are committed to making a positive difference through our actions and initiatives.


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