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About us

Welcome to Hiking Himalayas Treks and Expedition – where every step echoes the spirit of adventure and a commitment to unparalleled experiences. Our journey began with a shared passion for exploration, nature, and the majestic Himalayas. As avid adventurers ourselves, we envisioned creating a platform that goes beyond the ordinary, delivering exceptional trekking and expedition services that leave lasting memories.

‘Hiking Himalayas’ stands as a Nepal-based company led by a team of highly experienced travel and tour planners boasting over two decades of expertise in the Himalayan region. With a track record of guiding trekkers through some of the world’s most challenging yet breathtaking mountainous landscapes and navigating the wildest white-water rivers, our commitment is unwavering.

The primary objective of the ‘Hiking Himalayas team’ is to bring your vision to life, crafting a potentially transformative experience for you in the safest manner possible. Our exceptionally skilled team is equipped to meet your needs on renowned trails globally, offering an unparalleled aqua sport adventure. We uphold the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring our clients have access to the latest and best equipment, along with delectable and nourishing food.

Beyond the core offerings, we provide a plethora of additional activities, ranging from popular treks and cultural tours to slide shows, yoga, bird watching, Motor Biking Tours, and short hiking, among others. Our deep-seated passion for environmental preservation reflects in our trip planning, where we make provisions to leave the area clean upon the conclusion of your program.

Committed to ethical practices, we adhere to guidelines endorsed by the International Porters Protection Group ( Our dedication extends to ensuring our guides and porters are well-equipped, safeguarding their interests and, in turn, yours. At ‘Hiking Himalayas,’ your journey goes beyond exploration; it becomes a seamless blend of safety, expertise, and a commitment to preserving the natural wonders we are privileged to encounter.

Our Vision:

At Hiking Himalayas, we aspire to be the premier choice for those seeking authentic, exhilarating, and responsibly curated trekking experiences in the Himalayan region. We believe in fostering a deep connection with nature, promoting sustainable tourism, and leaving a positive impact on the communities we touch.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • 1. Passionate Team: Our team comprises seasoned trekkers, mountaineers, and travel enthusiasts, each sharing an unwavering passion for the mountains. This collective enthusiasm drives our commitment to delivering memorable adventures.
  • 2. Local Expertise: We take pride in our deep-rooted connections with local communities. This allows us to offer an authentic cultural experience while contributing to the well-being of the regions we explore.
  • 3. Safety First: Your safety is our top priority. Our experienced guides and support staff undergo rigorous training, ensuring that every trek is not only thrilling but also conducted with the utmost attention to safety standards.

Our Commitment to Sustainability:

Hiking Himalayas Treks and Expedition is dedicated to minimising our environmental footprint. We follow eco-friendly practices, support local conservation initiatives, and promote responsible tourism to ensure the pristine beauty of the Himalayas remains for generations to come.

Join Us on the Adventure of a Lifetime:

Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a first-time adventurer, Hiking Himalayas invites you to be a part of our story. Explore the diverse landscapes, challenge yourself with exhilarating treks, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Himalayan culture.

As you navigate through the pages of our ‘About Us’ section, discover the faces, stories, and values that shape Hiking Himalayas Treks and Expedition. Welcome to a community where every journey is an exploration of passion, purpose, and the extraordinary wonders of the Himalayas.

Take time to explore our website, where you will find up-to-date information, travel itineraries, photos and much more. Discover a whole new world of adventure through the eyes of ‘Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition’. Your holiday with us may be a ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’, but it will be a story that lives on and on as you share that experience with family and friends.

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Why we are the best for our client Company you can trust

Local Himalayan Experts

To provide you with an authentic Nepalese experience, our local experts are residents of the places. To ensure that every part of your journey is enjoyable and memorable, our office staff and skilled crews are always on hand.

Small Groups

Travelling in a small group of no more people provides and intimate experience where you will make lifelong friendships. while your guide and support staff are attentive to ensuring your travels are supportive and fully immersive.

Ultimate Flexibility

Quality services at the best prices make our adventures great value for money. Having essential items like meals, sightseeing and national park fees included in the trip cost allows you to better budget

Fully-Licensed Operator

Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expeditions is the trade name for authorized government-licensed trekking and touring company in Nepal. We are committed to ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable holiday


About Our Mission:

To provide a warm, professional and knowledgeable service to all clients as well as to potential clients.we stand to offer an environmentally and socially conscious approach to tourism, hoping that in the future we help to create a comfortable relationship between the people of Nepal and the passionate traveler. clients are our friends. it is our mission to bring forth a high quality of personality and trust, in turn creating an everlasting memory of Nepal. we help guide the traveler as a friend would guide a friend. our objectives in every case is to receive the testimonials letter that will bring the utmost satisfaction to our daily work environment. word of mouth travels further than any advertisement, and creates a never ending chain of satisfied travelers.

“you might say we build our company on purpose”

” we strive to incorporate the following ideals, morals and beliefs into our business ”

  •  Nepal is a never-ending outdoor adventure play-ground. If you are looking for adventure combined with a unique cultural experience then travel to Nepal for trip of your life time.
  •  Nepal has not only some of the world’s best trekking, but also some of the most abundant wildlife on the subcontinent which you can enjoy whilst on a safari. While trekking you can witness ancient well preserved cultural sites throughout the country. We are proud to share our country, its nature and century old cultures with you.
  •  We take great pride in offering personal and professional service to all our clients who wish to travel with us. But don’t just take our words for granted – have a look at just some of the many testimonials from our customers. Many of our customers came back again to enjoy the nature again.
  •  We promote ethical and responsible travel and work with local people and communities to ensure that all our trips are sustainable. All our guides and Sherpas are friendly and experienced. When you travel with us, we assure you the quality service at every stage of your travel adventure from initial inquiry to your returning home. You will be offered quality ground handling services whilst in Nepal and even a welcome home email once you return home.
  • We can arrange private groups for any number of people, duration and can cater for any requirement or special interest you would like to incorporate into the itinerary. Please contact us to tell us what plans you have and we will provide an obligation free quote for you.
  • We get excited about travel and we offer many new and wonderful trekking routes and travel options that you won’t find elsewhere.

Hiking Himalayas Our Team

Vishma Raj Nepal
(CEO /Chairman /founder / Managing Director and Team Leader)
Kapil Nepal
(Executive Director / Manager and Team Leader)
Hari Chandra Nepal
Travel advisor / Administrator and Team Leader
Chris Fillion
Director of Sales/Operations and Marketing (Europe/Canada)
Boon Yinn Zhao
Director of Sales/Operations and Marketing (Singapore , Malaysia and China)
Kajol Nepal
Director of Sales/Operations and Marketing (Europe)
Krishna Bahadur Bam
Director of Sales/Operations and Marketing (Australia)
Pauls Davis
Director of Sales/Operations and Marketing (India)
Alex Cord
Director of Sales , Operations and Marketing (America / Canada / Europe )
Anil Thapa
(Senior Guide)
Dipesh Baniya
(senior Guide)
Sanjeev Bogati
(senior Guide)
Pratima Bogati
(Female Guide)
Ananda Adhikari
Assistant Guide
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