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Vishma Raj Nepal

Vishma Raj Nepal

Vishma Raj Nepal is the (CEO, Chairman, founder, Managing Director and TeamLeader) of Hiking Himalayas Treks & Expedition P.Ltd. He has extensive experience of the Nepal tourism industry and has established himself as a renowned guide over the last 15 years. He speaks five languages and has worked with clients of many nationalities. His ability to understand the needs of his clients, coupled with his wealth of experience, has enabled Vishma to offer a range of packages, (and bespoke programs), that have simply delighted his customers.

I began my guiding stint in the Himalayas of Nepal as a simple porter which began in 1998 & have hiked the length & breadth of Nepal’s rugged mountains. I came into this world on the foothills of the famous Ganesh Himal range of mountains in the village of Phulkharka of Dhading district. I grew up on the beautiful Ganesh Himal Mountain region of Dhading which is situated in the Central Himalayan region of Nepal. I have learnt to love these mountains the hard way in my early days as a carefree growing child & after blooding my tender hands & knees I soon learnt what it felt like hiking on these huge mountains that still amaze me to this day. As a budding teen, I began to work as a porter in order to sustain my family & meet certain financial commitments. After some years of experience in studying the different trails; I decided to obtain a guide’s license by undergoing training from the Department of Tourism – Government of Nepal. This also includes affiliation from KEEP and the Himalayan Rafters Association {HRA}. Throughout the course of my odysseys on the tough Himalayas of Nepal, I had also learnt a lot from guests & fellow hikers, some of them diehard climbers who climbed mountains wherever they found them.

My education has built upon my experience as a guide, bringing more depth to my abilities in escorting my guests to some of the most attractive corners of these Himalayas. I completed my graduation in Math, Science, Travel and Tourism Management and this has lengthened my knowledge in the operation of tours / treks in all Trans Himalayan destinations throughout Nepal, & across the borders into Tibet, Bhutan & India. Experience over the years has taught me to design my itineraries into packages with programs that are not only thrilling but also meet the requirements of my guests / visitors so that they have enough space to enjoy holidays that are fulfilling & gratifying. The final result is the ability to provide the ultimate experience ensuring maximum pleasure and joy & a safe journey back home with everlasting memories. All the BLOODSWEAT & TEARS has paid off with the launching the company

My prices are clean cut & the deals I do don’t have any hidden costs whatsoever, I believe in giving more than I take; cause I know when I have to leave this world I go with nothing; I organize all kind of trips that include Treks/Tours & Excursions for individuals & groups, too.

Vishma graduated in Travel and Tourism Management and broadened his knowledge operating tours and treks in the Trans Himalaya of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India. He is a naturally optimistic and positive person with a comprehensive knowledge and boundless enthusiasm for this industry.

He takes joy in exploring new destinations for himself and is enthusiastic in introducing potential new routes for his clients. His enthusiasm is infectious and you will quickly come to understand why he is a leader in his field.