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Alex Cord

Alex Cord

Alex Cord, a seasoned adventurer and a revered figure in the world of mountaineering, took on a unique role as a representative and Team leader  for hiking Himalayan treks, focusing on clients from America, Europe, and Canada. His mission was not only to introduce them to the breathtaking beauty and challenges of the Himalayas but also to foster a deep appreciation for nature, cultural diversity, and the spirit of exploration.

Alex Cord’s extensive experience as a mountaineer and his profound love for the Himalayas made him the perfect candidate for this role. He had previously conquered many of the world’s most formidable peaks, including those in North America, Europe, and Asia. However, his heart belonged to the Himalayas, where he found a sense of awe-inspiring beauty and a connection to nature that he wished to share with the world.

Cord’s vision was to create an international community of adventurers, bringing together clients from the United States, Canada, and Europe to experience the Himalayas