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Janos & Attila

Janos & Attila

Hi there!

Just wanted to share a few words about our experience during our trek to the EBC in March 2013. My 14 year old son joined me, and needless to say, we had a fantastic time! He even wrote a blog peppered with dozens of pictures, he took over 2,000 photos and short videos during our 16 days in Nepal and one day in Dubai…

After the initial excitement of deciding to go to Nepal, we had the challenge of finding a reliable tour guide and a good porter. As I had back problems since a kid, carrying a full load was out of question for me (so we only hiked with a larger day pack, each). Also, traveling with a 14 year old made the preparations all the more critical, although he was/is/will be in a better shape than me…. After carefully reviewing the gazillion advertisements, recommendations, web sites, tour books, and contacting their former clients, we selected Raj Nepal’s team (Hiking Himalays) to handle our trip once we land in Kathmandu.

It could not have been better organized! Our Guide Om knew the trek inside out; he was very thorough and made sure we are always safe and taken care of. Our porter  was very helpful indeed, carried our additional packs without a glitch. We also made sure we properly train for this trip, and even spent close to three weeks in an altitude tent in preparation of 18,000 plus feet. I know, I know, most people do not need all this, but I always like to get ready, at least for the obvious. Then just enjoy the ride and the many surprises!

Indeed, we enjoyed our stay in Nepal; I recommend it – what a great bonding time it was for the two of us!! Thanks for reading this post.