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Meditation, Reiki and yoga

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Nepal, with its lush and tranquil natural beauty, high mountain peaks and deep sense of religion is a mecca for people wanting to partake in meditation programs. Its no wonder, can you picture better surroundings to loose yourself in and try and reach the ultimate goal of enlightenment?

There are places in Nepal set up for meditation and yoga. These places are set up in beautiful surroundings with the needed solitude and natural and spiritual motivation to encourage your activities. People from all over the world come to Nepal to practice meditation and yoga and here we have highly trained and experienced teachers and guides.

In Nepal you can join in residential courses for yoga and meditation around Kathmandu and Pohkara. The places are in beautiful natural surrounds that give you peace and quite and are often associated with a temple or monastery. You will be guided along the path by teachers and instructors who are qualified in all aspects of meditation and yoga.

Meditation in Nepal is a logical process of mental purification through self observation. It is a practical way to achieve real peace of mind and to lead a happy and useful life. Meditation in Nepal enables you to experience peace and harmony and to carry it over into your day to day life when you return home. Meditation teaches us how can we live peacefully, and how we can remain harmonious within ourselves and maintain peace and harmony around us. By learning meditation we can improve the control we have over ourselves and our lives.

Yoga is an exercise that combines art and science to help you to develop a healthy mind, body and pattern of thought. The object of yoga is to achieve a balanced and harmonious development of all aspect of your personality, physical body, mental and emotional state and your spiritual outlook on life. You can do any course in yoga, for beginners, intermediate and advanced students

Reiki is a new form of natural medicine that is now being commonly taught in Nepal. Reiki is a Japanese word which means the force of life. Everything that is alive has “cosmic energy” flowing through it and is surrounded by a field of energy, called the aura. All human beings already have this energy and it is normally hidden from us. This life force energy is responsive to our thoughts and feelings. Practicing reiki means to channel this energy into our bodies using positive thoughts as a source of healing and cancelling out feelings of negativity, hatred and jealous. It helps to puts us on a path to a balanced and functional life.

By taking part in one of these activities during your trip to Nepal, you can put your feet in the right direction to a healthy, long and for filling life. Hiking Himalayas Treks can arrange for you meditation, Reiki and yoga programs around Nepal. Contact us via our web site for more information.


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